Building Donation Needed


Independent Living Housing, Inc. (ILHI) would like to have a multi-apartment building donated to us. We would like to begin focusing on our main goal which is to be the best Behavior Health Provider in Southeastern Michigan. We would like to do this by providing services in family shelters throughout Southeastern Michigan for the Mentally Challenged with I.Q's of 50 and above.

Objective 1

To acquire a building of 50 single rooms for single individuals who are not ready to be on their own and to offer behavior and transition services.

Objective 2

To obtain a multi-apartment building to serve families with mental health issues, providing a safe haven and prevention/intervention assistance for homeless families.

Objective 3

To employ a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, and Internal Medicine doctor/nurse practitioner for each facility to provide hope and healing to each participant.

Objective 4

To partner with local Universities? School of Education, Counseling and Social Work departments to provide their teaching, social work, and counseling internships with our agency

Objective 5

To partner with the courts to serve the mentally challenged who may come through the criminal justice system. This will serve as an alternative to prison time for certain individuals. We plan to have a strict disciplinary action plan in place to propose to the courts as well.

Objective 6

The Independent Living Housing, Inc. (ILHI) would also like to provide educational training and independent living skills to persons with disabilities aged 17 to 50, in accordance with the IDEA as amended in 2004. The intent of the educational training is to help individuals with disabilities achieve a 6th grade reading, math, science, and social science level. This will help each individual to function independently or with very minimal support.