Independent Living Housing, Inc.

Changing Lives from Dependence to Independence

Who We Are

Independent Living Housing (ILH), Inc. is a non-profit organization founded with the purpose of educating children, teens, young adults, and adults with learning disabilities.

Independent Living Housing, Inc.

ILH was founded in 1998 by Ruth Shortie. She has been inspired by personal experience with her own son's struggles with learning disabilities. Shortie has made ILH her life's work. There are a great deal of statistics that show that the City of Detroit is having a crisis in the area of Special Education. With the help of volunteers and donations, ILH strives to make a difference in Detroit and the surrounding communities. Through in-school workshops, intervention/prevention programs, shelters and specialized housing, ILH's offerings have assisted thousands of students by developing the skills necessary to function as a member of society.

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