Ruth Shortie

I was so angry with the Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit and Wayne County Mental Health Services for not meeting my son Clifton's needs. I felt that I had to release the anger and stress of not being able to help my only child. I starting to recruit other special need parents to form a board of directors; they were not interested. I kept on asking parents and people I would run into at the doctors? offices, town halls, and parent & teacher meetings at schools. Until I met three people who felt the same way, then I contacted the Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) Developmental Unit. The only thing that I knew was that I wanted to form an organization to serve the Developmentally Delayed students? emotional and educational needs. The NSO filed the necessary paper work for the organization which is today known as Independent Living Housing, Inc. This organization responded to an unmet need of the community; it is tailored to helping children and adults in the city of Detroit to be or have the opportunity to be productive citizens.
I have over thirty years of experience advocating for my son and working with the Developmentally Delayed and Mentally Ill population. I worked 27 years in the A & P & Farmer Jack Supermarkets in the capacity of cashier, bookkeeper and manager. I bring to this organization a wealth of knowledge in Customer services and the general public at large. I have two and half years of general studies and a certificate in Mental Health from the Wayne County Community College.