Pamela Hines

Pamela HinesManager-Auto Club Trust, FSB Michigan
Metropolitan Detroit
AAA of Michigan

As the Manager at AAA of Michigan’s first and only Bank, Pamela Hines provides customers with over 27 years of banking expertise in personal finance specializing in consumer and commercial products. She has more than 30 years dedicated to helping customers in and around the city of Detroit. She understands the business needs and expectations of the residents and dedicates both her professional and personal time to assist those needs particularly of the underserved communities.

A fearless leader, Hines’ career has spanned across several banks to include, Chase, Bank of America, and First of America (now PNC). Her primary responsibilities have been to educate and assist her customers in the financial arena; gathering, maintaining, and growing assets by increasing bank deposits, investments and originating consumer and commercial loans. She manages and controls all aspects of her branch bank operations by ensuring the effective, efficient, and economical utilization of resources as well as planning for the future of the bank. Also she defines standards, reviews, and evaluates her team’s delivery of excellent customer experiences in order to improve her banks’ brand presence. Additionally, she has presented over 50 Financial Literacy Classes to help people increase their knowledge in the areas of credit, banking, and financial responsibility.

Just as the bank stands firmly by their motto "Expect Something More," so does Pamela Hines. She full heartedly serves her community by actively participating on both local and regional non-profit organizations. Currently, Hines serves as the treasurer and board member for Independent Living Housing Association and also a board member for Urban Investment Corporation. She takes great pride in participating with the Pontiac Optimist Club, Lunch Bag Love, Reading Works, and Communities of Hope.