Chantal Moore

Chantal Moore has been with Independent Living Housing since 2014. She currently serves on the Board of Directors in the role of fundraising Chairman.

Chantal attended the University of Michigan where she pursued a Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Studies. It was during her time at the University where she participated in the Undergraduate Research Program and studied higher education access in urban areas. Studying this and seeing the lack of programs and information for youths in high risk urban areas motivated Chantal become more involved in her community. Chantal started working with Starfish Family Services in her hometown of Inkster, MI as a Volunteer and Mentor. Chantal also worked with Detroit Public School district to become a Mentor to young women who were on the verge of becoming high school drop outs. She has made it her life's work to ensure all children have an opportunity to experience quality education and founded the nonprofit organization Creating Positive Pathways to provide disadvantaged youth's access to college education.

Chantal had over an eight year career in the banking and Tax Preparation Industry by holding leadership positions at PNC Bank, H&R Block and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. She brings her financial services background in helping serve as the Fundraising board with Independent Living Housing. Chantal is currently employed as an Airport Operations Supervisor with JetBlue Airways. JetBlue Airways currently serves over 87 destinations and is New York's "Hometown Airline". They stand on a platform of "bringing humanity back to air travel" and ensure that they make a difference in every community that they fly to. This is one of the reasons that Chantal has made her Career switch to the airline industry with JetBlue because they hold the same values of caring for others.

Chantal enjoys running and recently participated in the Long Beach Marathon and is looking forward to being a participant in the Los Angeles Triathlon. She spends the majority of her time with her beautiful daughters and serving as Troop Leader for their Girl Scout Troop. Chantal also enjoys traveling is always looking for the next destination to explore!